Planning a children’s party can be a lot of work!

You need to find a good venue, send out the invites, think about some fun activities for the kids to enjoy, and of course, decide the menu.

As far as the menu goes, hosting your party at a restaurant can give you access to a selection of menus, many of which are great for kids. Now, you can include a lot of the stuff that kids love, like fries and chicken dishes, but why not try adding a salad side dish?

Only 10% of kids eat their daily recommended amount of veggies, which isn’t very surprising because kids can be picky eaters. For most parents, getting their kids to eat veggies can feel like an uphill battle, unless you find a fun way to add veggies into their diet.

In this context, adding a healthy salad to your children’s party menu may ensure your little guests get to have some veggies along with other delights. Let’s take a look at why a salad is a great side dish for kids.

What’s so great about salad side dishes?

Here’s a look at why a salad can be a good side dish for a children’s party:

1. Nutritious Choice

Salads are packed with various nutrients that kids need in their development. These dishes include delicious leafy greens, a selection of crunchy veggies, and fruits packed with valuable vitamins, like vitamin C, and minerals, like iron.

Adding a salad side to your children’s event menu can give them a healthy option in addition to traditional children’s dishes.

2. Texture and Flavor

Salads offer a texture and flavor different from most kids’ meals, like pizza and burgers. Also, these dishes don’t have to be purely veggie-based, they can also include delicious grilled meats, adding more texture.

Since some salads include fruits, kids with a sweet tooth will love them too. Also, since salads can have nuts, croutons, and other crunchy ingredients, they offer fun textures that kids will enjoy.

3. Balanced Meal

Since the salad will be included as a side dish, you can still treat your young guests to more traditional kid’s dishes, like grilled cheese and hamburgers. In this case, the salad will add some extra nutrition to create a more balanced meal for the youngsters.

This is important as a balanced and nutritious diet improves a child’s well-being and mental health. Also, parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their little ones are getting a healthy dose of veggies.

4. Variety

Salad side dishes are more than just a bunch of veggies on a platter—there are many kinds of salads out there that have a delicious mix of veggies and meat.

For example, Chicken Caesar Salad comes with chicken, romano cheese, and Caesar dressing and steak salad includes a strip of beef steak nestled in between various veggies.

This variety of salads gives children the chance to experience a world of different flavors.

5. Colorful Presentation

Kids love colors and salad side dishes tend to be very colorful, thanks to veggies like bell peppers that come in yellows and reds.

These colors can entice kids to try the salads and have a lot of fun enjoying the flavors.

Other menu options to look out for

In addition to salads, here are some other menu items you should look out for when planning children’s events at a restaurant:

1. Dedicated Kids Menu

The restaurant where you’re going to hold your children’s event should have a dedicated kid’s menu. These menus include small portions that are just filling enough for young children and they have a good selection of food items that can satisfy even picky eaters.

2. Kid-Friendly Beverage Menu

Check if the restaurant has a good selection of beverages that are kid-friendly. For example, the beverage menu should have options like fruit punch, lemonade, and a selection of sodas. Also, if the parents of your young guests are going to be there too, check if the beverage menu has some popular drinks for grown-ups, like hot coffee or iced tea.

3. Appetizer Menu

Most kids are light eaters and they might not want to sit down and have a meal; instead, they’ll want to play. Appetizer menus will offer small bites the kids can have while they play and socialize with each other.

4. Pizza Menu

Pizza can feed many and it’s a meal that kids in particular love. Also, they can eat it quickly without making a big mess. Pizza comes in different flavors and sizes, from small to large, making them a good option for parents as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions to consider:

1. Do restaurants have private spaces for parties?

Not all, but some restaurants have private spaces that can accommodate up to 80 people. These spaces will include furnishing and may also have staff members assigned to serve your party guests.

2. Can I include more than one menu for my party?

Yes, you can. Unless the restaurant offers a special party package with a set menu, you can choose to have a variety of menus for your party. But remember, more menus would mean a higher final cost.

3. What if my guests have allergies?

If any of your guests have allergies, inform the restaurant before the event. The restaurant should be able to provide a menu without any allergy triggers, or at least make sure that foods that trigger allergies are clearly marked.

Don’t underestimate a good salad side dish

Salad might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a menu for a children’s party. But a good salad can be a healthy option that can delight your little guests and also give them the nutrition they need.

So get in touch with a reputable family restaurant in Pittsburgh and see if they have a great salad menu!