Football is one of the most watched sports in the USA, with over 123 million people having watched the 2024 Super Bowl.

Of these numbers, around 21.8 million people watched the Super Bowl from restaurants, bars, and other venues.

Now if there’s a big game coming up and you want your friends and family to watch the spectacle with you—it’s time for a viewing party! Viewing parties are great to get everyone together, have some nice snacks, and enjoy the game at home.

But holding a football viewing party at home can be a lot of work, so why not try restaurant bars for private events like viewing parties? Let’s take a look at why these spaces may be better venues for holding viewing parties than your home.

1. They Allow Socializing

Hosting a viewing party in a restaurant bar is a great way to get people to socialize. These bars have a very relaxed atmosphere, not too different from home, and several food and beverage options that can encourage people to mingle.

The bar is also a private space for only you and your guests—you won’t need to worry about any outsiders crashing the party! This will allow your guests to be themselves and engage with each other more.

2. They Offer Beverage Menus

Beverages are a big part of any viewing party—they’re part of what makes the experience memorable. Most restaurants won’t offer alcoholic beverages, but they may allow you to bring your own so you should speak to the staff about this beforehand.

Also, restaurants will have a substantial beverage menu with a good selection of family-friendly drinks that both kids and adults can enjoy. This can include different flavors of soda and some coffee too.

Sometimes, these restaurants may offer special discounts on beverages during major sports events like the Super Bowl. Make sure to check with the restaurant about this before making reservations.

3. They Supply Audio/Visual Options

Restaurant bars for private events usually have audio/visual equipment like large TVs and speakers set up for viewing parties. The TVs at these venues are normally installed above the bar, giving everyone a clear view of what’s going on onscreen.

Also, some restaurant bars may have some additional forms of entertainment, like a pool table, karaoke, or a foosball table. You might also want to bring along some board games or a pack of cards but make sure to ask the restaurant if it’s okay to do so.

4. They Present Flexible Seating

Sometimes, you might not have enough room in your home to host a viewing party with many guests or you might not have enough seating.

Restaurant bars, however, have very flexible seating options that can be changed according to your needs. They may have different kinds of seating, like booths, tables, and stools. Your guests will be able to choose whichever seating option they’re comfortable with.

Also, these restaurant bars for private events are relatively large spaces that can accommodate many people, sometimes up to 80 guests.

5. They Afford Convenience

Hosting a viewing party at home might be the go-to option for most people, but there will be some limitations. You can’t invite too many people over to your place if you don’t have enough room.

Also, you’ll need just enough food and drinks to keep everyone happy during the game. There’s only so much stuff you can buy to keep your guests happy without going over your budget.

By holding your viewing party at a restaurant bar, you’ll have plenty of room for all your friends and family. Most restaurants are equipped to handle viewing parties so they will have plenty of food and beverages available for the event.

6. They Give Culinary Options

If there’s one thing that restaurants do best, it’s food. Restaurants have a huge selection of food that’s great for viewing parties.

Some nice food items for viewing parties include burgers, hoagies, wings, pizza, and sandwiches. Most guests at viewing parties prefer food that they can eat quickly, so grab-and-eat items like these work great.

Also, restaurants may have a special menu for kids. These menus have a nice selection of small meals to keep the kids entertained.

7. They Provide Trained Staff

When you hold a viewing party at home, you’ll have to entertain your guests. This might lead you to miss out on the game.

At a restaurant, you won’t need to lift a finger—the trained restaurant staff will do everything to keep your guests entertained and energized! This will give you time to enjoy the game and engage with your friends and family too.

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some commonly asked questions from our customers:

1. Will the restaurant allow me to bring my own audio/visual equipment?

They might have policies regarding audio/visual equipment; for instance, some restaurants may only allow you to use the equipment they provide. So make sure to ask them in advance.

2. How early should I make reservations?

This depends on when the game will be on. If you’re expecting a large number of people, consider making the bookings a day or so after you find out the date for the game.

3. Can I ask for a custom menu?

Some restaurants may allow you to create a custom menu, which is made by mixing and matching items from their other menus. They may charge an extra fee to do this.

Hold your viewing parties at restaurant bars for private events

Big sporting events are a great time to get together with some of your best friends and your closest family members. The intensity of watching the game and cheering every time your team scores a touchdown—there is nothing quite like a viewing party!

So if you’re planning on holding your next viewing party away from home, get in touch with a restaurant that houses a bar and browse their banquet menu today.