Birthday parties are one of the most memorable parts of any kid’s life.

They’re a great way to get your child’s friends together, have fun, and give your kid a great day to look back on!

Hosting a birthday party at home is how most parents go about it but having a birthday party, or any party for that matter, at home can be a hassle. Also, on average, parents in the US spend over $400 on birthday parties for their kids, but you could cut down this cost by hosting the party at a small private dining room restaurant instead of your home.

So here’s everything you need to know about hosting your kid’s birthday party at a small private dining room restaurant.

What are the benefits of hosting a child’s birthday party at a restaurant?

Here are some of the advantages you could experience when you have your kid’s birthday party at a restaurant instead of at home:

1. Convenience

When you hold a birthday party at home, you’ll have to clear out furniture, decorate, and set up party equipment for the event. However, by booking a small private dining room restaurant for the party, you can relieve yourself from the stress of setting up the party space and focus on other important tasks, like making invitations and planning party games. But make sure to confirm with the restaurant if they will decorate the room for you before making reservations.

Also, you’ll need to buy decorations and party equipment if you are having this party at home, but the restaurant will likely already have party gear ready. This can save you money spent on decorations and other party stuff.

2. High-Quality Food

Food is a must for every birthday party, but it can be a little tough planning out a catering menu for the little ones who are going to be at the party. Fortunately, restaurants with small private dining spaces do what they do best—serve high-quality food. Also, they have experience in catering birthday parties so they may be able to offer a menu that’s perfect for even the pickiest of eaters.

Another great thing about food at a restaurant is that the staff will know exactly how much food will be needed for your guest list. If you were having the party at home, there’s a chance that you might order more food than needed—this can cost you a lot of money. So by working with a restaurant, you won’t need to worry about paying more than you should for party food.

3. Ambiance

Restaurants have a great ambiance, and this extends to their private rooms. The restaurant will handle the decorations and they will create an atmosphere that’s just right for small children. Also, they will make sure the party space is safe for little ones to move around in removing any potential hazards like wiring lying across the floor.

4. Experience

Even if you don’t have any experience hosting a birthday party for children, don’t worry—the restaurant has you covered. Restaurants have experience with managing children’s parties and the staff can help make sure all kids are well taken care of during the event.

5. Privacy

Children can be noisy and chaotic at parties, so holding the birthday party in a private room can give them a space where they can enjoy themselves without disturbing other diners. Also, some restaurants can get very crowded and this could make some kids feel very uncomfortable, so hosting the party in a small private space without many guests may be easier for some children.

What are some tips for planning a successful children’s birthday party in a private dining room?

Now that you know what the benefits of holding a children’s birthday party at a small private dining room restaurant are, here are a few handy tips to help you start planning the event:

1. Speak with the Restaurant

When you’re booking a restaurant, you must give the staff all the necessary details about the birthday party. Make sure to tell them how many guests are invited, how much space you want for the event, what the menu items you want are, and how you want the private room to be decorated.

Also, the staff may be able to give you some helpful tips on how to make the birthday party more enjoyable for the guests.

2. Plan the Menu

Some restaurants may allow you to create a custom restaurant menu for the birthday party. They may have a special menu for events like birthday parties but you may be able to ask them to add or remove certain items.

Also, make sure to check with the parents of the kids to see if they have any specific dietary requirements and allergies. Give this information to the restaurant staff so that they can prepare a menu that’s free of common allergens or at least so that they can mark dishes with allergens.

3. Think of Some Fun Party Games

Kids get bored very quickly, so make sure to plan some fun party games, like balloon popping, Duck, Duck, Goose!, musical chairs, and hot potato. Make sure to speak to the restaurant staff to see if they’re fine with the games you planned for the event as some restaurants may have restrictions on what kinds of party games they can hold in their private dining rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about why a small private dining room restaurant perfect for a children’s birthday party:

How early should I book a restaurant for a birthday party?

This depends on the time of the year. During peak periods, like the holiday season, you might have to make reservations a month in advance. Otherwise, you could make reservations two weeks in advance.

How long can I have the party at a restaurant?

Restaurants usually have time frames for parties. During the booking process, make sure to ask the restaurants how many hours the private dining rooms will be available for parties. Most restaurants will offer time slots, roughly between 2 and 4 hours.

Will the restaurant supply the birthday cake?

In most cases, restaurants will supply the birthday cake, but they might offer a standard design. If you want to bring a custom cake for the event, make sure to ask the restaurant if they will allow it.

Book a small private dining room restaurant today

Birthday parties are all about having fun and making memories, but you need to think about convenience and cost too. Hosting a birthday party at home can be more expensive than you think, and you’ll need to manage everything by yourself.

So try booking a restaurant with a small private space for parties and make your kid’s birthday party an unforgettable one!